College and University Scholarships FOR UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS

Canadian Undergraduate International Student Scholarships

  • Canadian Universities offer a world class education and generous scholarships to international students. Here’s our list of the best opportunities.

U.S. Undergraduate International Student Scholarships

  • Numerous US Universities offer scholarships for international students. We list only the best opportunities here.

TOP 10 Undergraduate Scholarships

  • We’ve examined scholarship opportunities from 100’s of schools and only these make our TOP 10 list.


Awards, Grants and Bursaries FOR GRADUATE STUDENTS

Australian Development Scholarships

  • The Australia Awards initiative was announced by the Australian Prime Minister in 2009 and aims to maximise the benefit of the Australian Government’s extensive scholarship programs, and to support enduring ties between Australia and our neighbours.
    The Australia Awards initiative brings the Australian Government’s scholarship programs together under the one Australia Awards brand.
  • In 2010-11, the Australia Awards program in Africa will provide both long awards (Australian Development Scholarships) and short-term awards to nationals from 25 countries across Africa.

Canon Collins Trust

  • provides scholarships to students who wish to pursue a postgraduate degree (mainly Master’s degrees of one or two years) in either the United Kingdom or South Africa.

Graça Machel Scholarships

  • The aim is to provide female students with scholarships that will equip them to take up leadership roles for the benefit of their community, nation and region. Applications to this UK administered programme are for courses in both South Africa and the UK, and will be considered for other relevant schemes if unsuccessful for this particular scheme.

Africa – Scholarships

  • List of other scholarships (undergrad, grad and post-grad) to students from the African Continent.

TOP 10 Graduate Scholarships

  • Looking for the best scholarships offered for Graduate study. Here’s our TOP 10 list of best choices.

10 Best Scholarship Sites

  • This TOP 10 list provides a variety of options. When searching for a scholarship start here. This comprehensive list of websites provides the information and resources that you will need to succeed in your search.


Beit Trust

  • offers annually a small number of Scholarships for postgraduate studies or research to graduates. The duration of the Scholarships is normally for up to three years at the discretion of Trustees. Scholarships are taken up at a University in the United Kingdom, Ireland or South Africa, for study in a subject of the individual’s choice appropriate to the needs of the beneficial area. In addition, a small number of one-year taught Masters degrees are offered at the University of Leeds, known as the Beit Chevening Leeds Scholarship and similar awards, known as the Beit Chevening Reading Scholarship, are also offered at the University of Reading.

Rhodes Scholarships in Southern Africa

  • The Scholarship is for full-time study and pays your entire tuition fee. It provides you with a comfortable living allowance of £11,000 per year, and also pays the cost of transport for you and your necessary belongings to and from Oxford .
  • There are ten Scholarships available in Southern Africa each year.



  1. Tinkhani Daniel Lungu says

    Am a young man holder of diploma in nursing and midwifery and have been offered a 2 year undergraduate bachelor of science in health management at college of medicine but have only 1 year fee of the required amount to complete my course.

  2. Emmanuel Edet Umoh says

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  3. Lonnise Msumba says

    Iwill be persuing Bechelor of Accountancy at univesity of Malawi on pallalel programe at polytenic and iwould like to be Sponsored.Iam looking for wellwishers to assist.

  4. james fischer says

    i am young man from malawi aged 23, am looking for scholarshp to study computer science at chancollor college undergraduate . My mobile number is +265888411593/ +265999239034 or use my email :

  5. victoria gausi says

    am a malawian lady aged 25 i hold an advanced diploma in human resources and business management. i wish to continue my studies at degree level but have failed because of luck of funds. please assist me with a fully paid scholarship.. your consideration will be appreciated

  6. Yobu Joseph Mpozerah says

    Am a Malawian man aged 23.i hold a certificate in Information Technology and Applied Programming(A.C.P).Now am studying diploma at skyway institute of management(SIMARD) but my sponsers say they dont have money to help me continue my studies up to degree level.please help me find schoolarship since i have no one to support me.I promise no regret to anyone who can help me.Contact me on 0888874097 or e-mail me at or vist me at skyway Lilongwe compus.May God bless u as you consider my request.

  7. Yalemeshet says

    I am kidist a 22 girl from Ethiopia Currently studying Master program at Bahir Dar university( Ethiopia). I am self sponsored. I am looking for sponsor for tuition and living expense. Please offer me at least tuition.The program required $915 for the whole course. you can pay the money direct to the University.

  8. Yalemeshet says

    I am yalemeshet a 27 woman from Ethiopia Currently studying Master program at Bahir Dar university( Ethiopia). I am self sponsored. I am looking for sponsor for tuition and living expense. Please offer me at least tuition.The program required $915 for the whole course. you can pay the money direct to the University.

    Thank You in advance!

  9. fred leonard says

    am a malawian.astudent @malawi college of health sciences expecting to graduate with adiplama in diagnostic radiography next year december.And then i want to get adegree which is offered at south africa,australia and to me i cant afford to raise money to achieve mygoal,so its my request if i can b sponsored to fulfil my goal.

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